How Russia is Paying the Price!

It is no secret that I believe that Russian diplomats in the Foreign Office whose opinions carry weight with President Putin are either Zionist or friends of Israel. The reason for this is that most of them, despite having been members of the Soviet Communist Party, worked in the West and were corrupted by the filth of Zionist temptation in its many forms. This is not the proper time or venue for an argument on this, but I thought of clarifying it as it has relevance to the subject and title of this article.

Iraq, following its foolish incursion into Kuwait in 1990 without any calculation of consequences, abided by and implemented all the measures imposed on it, either because it ignorantly hoped or ill-advised or wrongly wished that Zionism would give it another opportunity. Iraq disarmed itself and exposed itself naked before a world crazy with power and arrogance. But this disarmament did not succeed because Zionism, in implementing its plan to dismantle Iraq, had succeeded in convincing the world that the rules of justice have changed. In International Law the rule has become such that an accused is obliged to prove his innocence and not the accepted principle that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. The new rule is an impossible demand because how can the accused prove the negative?

And so it was. Iraq insisted on every occasion that it had disarmed itself but to no avail. Their inspectors came and inspected everything entering even Saddam Hussein’s bedroom. Nothing changed and Iraq was asked to prove its innocence up until its invasion and occupation. It made no difference that it turned out that Iraq was all along telling the truth. The Zionist have since argued that regime change was good as thus it mattered not what lies were used.

It is not strange for the Zionist to do this because they have become used to writing history as they please since they set foot on the new continent some 500 hundred years ago and embarked on the calculated cleansing resulting in the killing of hundreds of millions of its indigenous people. Today it has the audacity to claim, and many people outside it seem to agree, that it is the bastion of freedom and justice in the world. I have yet to hear one world leader to ask the USA about the millions who were murdered by the settlers in America. None of this is strange, but what it is strange is that others have gone along with what the USA want.

Russia, knew fully well that, by mid 1990s, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Yet, on the advice of diplomats and consultants who believe that Russian interest lie with agreeing with Zionism, it opted for not standing for the principle of protecting an innocent people like those of Iraq. Thus Russia did not object to any United Nation resolution on Iraq adopted since 1990 which were all drafted by the Zionist so much so that Bremer, in his first declaration appointing himself absolute ruler of Iraq on 16 May 2003, referred to his authority having been derived from Resolution 1483 which resolution was only passed six days later on 22 May 2003.

Two of the most divesting UN resolutions which the Russians allowed to pass were Resolution 687 (1991) which caused the genocidal total blockade on Iraq which led to its social, political and economic destruction, and Resolution 1441 (2002) which was used as a pretext for the 2003 invasion.

I shall not enter into an argument of what could have happened had the Russian opposed such resolutions on the grounds of protecting genocide against a nation. It is a hypothetical exercise which leads to nothing although the bases and legal consequence of such a measure are obvious to me.

But what is important is that Russia, which has held itself to the rule that the accused must prove his innocence, is paying the price of succumbing to Zionism. It is accused of having used a chemical weapon grade poison against two of its citizens in the UK, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. Russia is being demanded, as was the case with Iraq, to prove it has not done so or to show how it did it as asked by Britain! Both the UK and the US, supported by their lackeys in Poland and Australia and others, have decided that Russia is guilty with not one singe shred of evidence.

I am not concerned whether or not Russia had indeed done it, as everything is possible and acceptable in the world of espionage. It is inconceivable to argue the neither the US nor the UK intelligence services had ever killed an enemy! But what matters is that Russia finds itself in a position similar to Iraq between 1991 and 2003.

Russia has only herself to blame. What it accepted wrongly for Iraq is facing her and is accepted by all those whom Lavrov likes to refer to constantly as ‘our partners’.

I am sure that Putin will be today asking his advisers in the Foreign Office, following the US imposition of new sanctions: ‘What to do’?

That is how Russia is made to pay for the faults of its misguided Zionist diplomats.


Abdul-Haq Al-Ani

9 August 2018


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