The Audacious USA

This week witnessed another attempt by the imperialists to create a legal framework for military action against Syria. France put a draft proposal to the Security Council seeking to transfer the Syrian civil war to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The true purpose of the proposed resolution is not to be able to indict people before the ICC but rather to be able to activate Chapter VII of the UN Charter. This would enable any country later to launch military action against Syria claiming legitimacy in acting to uphold the UN Charter. The world has seen this between 1990 and 2003 when all genocide and military action against Iraq was carried out under that same pretext.

I do not intend here to discuss the position of Security Council resolutions vis-à-vis International Law as the topic is too involved and very technical and matters little in a world dominated by power politics that side-step law whenever it is expedient to do so.

But I would like to draw the attention of anyone interested to one simple fact in the proceedings in the above proposal that goes to show how International Law could become a ploy in the hands of the Imperialist Zionists when the Security Council discusses some international serious matter.


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