Putin is Misguided

Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement, of 13 January 2019, (https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201901131071434981-netanyahu-israel-syria-attacks/) can only be read in the light of the continuous coordination between Israel and Russia, the last of which was reported as…

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The Security Council and Syria

When a competent analyst like Finian Cunningham writes that: “American forces – about 2,000 on the ground as well as warplanes – are in violation of international law since they…

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When Shoigu Overrules Lavrov, Rules of Engagement May Change!

“Something good may come out of a bad incident”, so goes the Arab proverb. And so indeed the downing of the IL20 may mean to beleaguered Syria.

It is no secret that there has been continuous tension between the two ministries of defence and foreign affairs in Russia over the last five years’ policies in Syria. Only a negligent observer could have missed the different tone of, or even conflict in, the statements made by both sides on several occasions.

At the heart of the tension is a simple fact. Lavrov and his gang of Zionist sympathisers want to maintain the status quo of appeasing International Zionism in order for the latter to let Russia into the Club. On the other side Shoigu and his generals have the duty of seeing that the security of their men and the interests of Russia are secured. But those two objectives have turned out to be incompatible. You cannot appease International Zionism and at the same time protect Russian interests simply because the former is out to destroy, weaken or contain the latter. (more…)

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How Russia is Paying the Price!

It is no secret that I believe that Russian diplomats in the Foreign Office whose opinions carry weight with President Putin are either Zionist or friends of Israel. The reason for this is that most of them, despite having been members of the Soviet Communist Party, worked in the West and were corrupted by the filth of Zionist temptation in its many forms. This is not the proper time or venue for an argument on this, but I thought of clarifying it as it has relevance to the subject and title of this article.

Iraq, following its foolish incursion into Kuwait in 1990 without any calculation of consequences, abided by and implemented all the measures imposed on it, either because it ignorantly hoped or ill-advised or wrongly wished that Zionism would give it another opportunity. Iraq disarmed itself and exposed itself naked before a world crazy with power and arrogance. But this disarmament did not succeed because Zionism, in implementing its plan to dismantle Iraq, had succeeded in convincing the world that the rules of justice have changed. In International Law the rule has become such that an accused is obliged to prove his innocence and not the accepted principle that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. The new rule is an impossible demand because how can the accused prove the negative? (more…)

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