Shoigu Encroaches Further Upon Lavrov’s Territory

Both RT and Sputnik carried an item of news stating that: ‘Moscow alarmed that US spy plane coordinated drone attack on Russia’s Syria base’ which in some details explains how ‘A senior Russian military official has accused the US of being directly involved in a drone attack on the Russian airbase in Syria’s Khmeimim’.

On the surface of it sounds like an everyday item of news considering that the US has had, since the demise of Brezhnev’s Russia, a free hand to operate in the world with total impunity so much so that it is estimated that it has been involved in more than 40 military operations since 2000. So what is new one might ask?

The significance of the news become apparent once we know that it is reporting an incident that happened on 6 January and not yesterday. On that day, no less than 13 drones approached the Russian base near Latikkia Syria. The Russian military tells us that these drones were not controlled by ‘peasants’ but in fact guided and controlled by a US P-8 Poseidon surveillance plane flying along the Syrian coastline.

The obvious question is why are we being told this now almost ten months after the attempted attack?

Surely, no one is suggesting that it took the Russian military intelligence ten months to analyse the monitors to conclude it was a US plane that controlled the operation.

The timing of the Kremlin’s release of the details is explained by two developments.

The first is a confirmation of what I concluded last time, namely the ascendancy of Shoigu at the expense of Lavrov. Russian generals have been agonizing for a few years as they witnessed how every principle of strategy and tactic they had studied, practiced and instructed their juniors in have been made redundant by the decisions of Lavrov’s gang of Zionist sympathizers, who have had Putin’s ears. How else could they sit idle when they observe an attacking force approaching and are prevented from bringing down the controller of the attacking force sitting in the US surveillance plane? These were not drones attacking Asad’s army but US controlled drones attacking a Russian base with Russian men and Russian planes and defences.

It now seems that at last Putin is beginning to listen to his Generals and thus the release of the news by the Kremlin. The only conclusion of the admission, which is theatrically presented as alarming, is that from now on the Generals will be allowed to deal with any new threat in the only military way they know, namely eliminating the source of the threat or the attack!

The second cause of the timing of the Kremlin’s release on 25 October of the details of the incident of 6 January is a political message to Bolton and his staunch Zionist backers in the USA. Implicit in the release of the information is a signal to the US that Russia is not going to keep quiet indefinitely about the active role which the US has been taking in Syria in supporting, training and guiding armed groups, in addition to their direct involvement in military operation against the Syrian army and its allies or in providing air protection to the terrorists attacking the Syrian army. The simple release of the details of the incident now signals to the US that from now, in addition to possible action to prevent any similar threat which the Russian generals seem to have secured, that the world will come to accept that if the US is willing to attack Russian forces directly then how deeply involved are they against the Syrian forces. The fact that this declaration coincides with Bolton’s trip to Moscow is of paramount importance in sending the Russian signal.

This must all be seen in the context of the USA declared new strategy fermenting in the little head of Trump – that of the dream of remaining the single super nuclear power! All the signs he has been giving of withdrawing from international treaties and obligations are allegedly on the ground that he is a nationalist who does not want anyone to interfere in the US. But when you think about it, he is anything but a nationalist. All his policies are based on dictating what other nations should and should not do. He wants the whole world to boycott Iran else they suffer adverse consequences. He pulled out of the Paris accord irrespective of how the US environmental policies will affect the rest of the world. The list is too long but the bottom line is that Trump is telling us that: ‘US right to protect its sovereignty means that the US has a right to limit the sovereignty of every other state’. It is not nationalism but globalism in its ugly form.

It seems that Putin has finally realized the fact which his general have been trying to explain by citing to him the US military activity extending from the Polish borders to Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. It does look like Putin is coming to accept that the attempts of Lavrov’s gang of useless out-of-date diplomats to convince him to carry on with the policy of engagement to appease International Zionism in order to allow Russia into the Club has failed. International Zionism does not want or trust Russia. The sooner Putin understands what his Generals have known for decades the safer this world will be.

Abdul-Haq Al-Ani




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