Welcome to the New Cold War!

Arabs and the first Cold War

Revolutionaries and leftists in the world in general and in the Arab world in particular never had the freedom of movement and expression like during the Cold War, which intensified in the seventies and eighties of the last century. The balance between Marxist communism and capitalist Zionism imposed rules that allowed the Arab left in general and the Arab nationalist movement in particular to move freely and express itself and to get organized; revolt; organize; rule and spread its ideology outside the geographic borders drawn by the colonialists in the aftermath of the First World War…. And with that, the Arab nationalist movement was able to create its sphere of influence and its organization throughout the whole Arab World, even though it was received with varied responses due to different historical circumstances experienced by each of those countries. Thus, the Nasserite movement found sympathetic resonance in the whole Arab world on such a scale that governments in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf felt threatened by this movement and fended that off by agreeing to political decisions in which they were not really interested nor in support of, as happened when they were forced to accept the famous “Three Nos” resolution of the Khartoum summit following the 1967 war! The Arab Nationalist Movement succeeded in creating the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as a real conduit for its national plan in opposing the Zionist assault on the homeland, by really fighting it and through not appeasing or begging as the Palestinian Liberation Organization does today.. But the biggest success was achieved by the Ba’ath movement, which succeeded in building two national states in Iraq and Syria, which will remain, in spite of all lapses, faults and errors, the truest examples of the success of the Arab nationalist movement in the twentieth century!

All that was achieved during the Cold War, which had guaranteed for the nationalist movement in particular and the Arab left in general a substantial margin of movement where the balance resulting from the Cold War would not have allowed Zionism to overtly invade Arab lands. The conspiracy practiced by the Zionist in the Arab world for four decades, and which was governed by rules that were understood by everyone, was not enough to topple the Arab nationalist project, and the balance of the Cold War prevented a direct invasion. All attempts to defeat Arab nationalism did not pan out during that Cold War.
The Cold War was a mercy for the good Arabs yearning for independence and the building of a free, honourable and just homeland.. In the aftermath of the fall of the communist state (and not the fall of Marxism as some imagine) in the nineties of the last century, I wrote about the amount of damage that was to befall us, and I was blamed by some of my European acquaintances who claimed that the end of the Cold War meant prosperity and well-being for all. However, I was convinced that the Arab nationalist plan and progressive thought in the Arab world would fall easy prey to the imperialist Zionist capitalist. And that’s what happened!
The first proof of my prediction was the total blockade of Iraq; the gravest injustice in the history of the twentieth century, which defeated the national will of the people of Iraq; humiliated them and deformed their identity, and stripped them of their dignity. Then rose the idiots, hypocrites and false advocates of religion, and the freaks that are present in every society. This systematic destruction and the grooming of the scum for the next stage, was followed by the first barbaric invasion of the new century, in a blatant attempt to create a new rule in international relations which dictates that Zionist capitalism has the right to decide the fates of peoples contrary to the Charter of the United Nations, which was drafted in the aftermath of World War II and which was built on the bases of the right of peoples to self-determination. What Zionist capitalism wanted to establish was that the end of the Cold War created a new environment and new facts that would allow them to have a free hand. They therefore, invaded Iraq, defiled it and changed everything in it including its politics, the economy, the army, security and social relationships, and when they finished they delivered it to the traitors and thieves to wreak havoc as has been witnessed over the last eleven years. Iraqis, who had laid down the rules for building a civilized and just society at the end of the last century, ended up today debating whether it was correct to legislate a new law authorizing the rape of a nine-year old girl under the pretext of marriage!
Once the first round of the Zionist plan succeeded in destroying Iraq and pulling it out of the regional political system, Zionism started moving in other parts of the Arab world, so much so that a French Zionist appears every now and then in an Arab country leading the herd of imbeciles and raising discord under the pretext of demanding justice and rights, when it was nothing but chaos. Then Zionism came out with new terminologies that twisted the linguistic meanings of the beautiful Arab language, calling “destruction” a “spring”, and “Zionist” an “Arab” and “invasion” “liberation”. They went even further than that when they had the audacity, and it is nothing but audacity, to claim that the governments in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf, which are the world’s most despotic and backward regimes repressing and violating all human rights, have become eager defenders of human rights and freedoms in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere, except of course the Gulf and the Arab Peninsula!
No great effort was needed for Libya to be destroyed because the backwardness of its people allowed for such, and Libya ended up being ruled by gangs not at the government or city level alone but at the level of the village and the small tribe!
But things were different in Syria. For despite the violence and brutality of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood who started the insurgency, and in spite of the ferocity of the attack and the amassment of organizations that exist on sectarianism that knows nothing of religion except hatred; in spite of all this, the people of Syria and their Nationalist movement possessed enough originality and immunity to enable them to absorb the stunning first strike (which, at one stage in 2012, exposed the nationalist movement, the state and the Arab nation to horrifying results) and allowed them to have the composure and solid belief to reconsider and draw new plans and training to take back the initiative and turn the balance that put them today in a position of attack after two years in defence, which carries good signs of the ability to snatch victory, even at a high price!
None of this would have happened had the Cold War not ended in 1990!

Cold War II

There is no absolute intelligence just as there is no absolute stupidity. Zionist capitalism is not exempt from this. It showed perceptive stupidity when it believed, in the euphoria of its victories, that it was on the verge of actually writing the end of history as (Fukuyama) imagined.
World Zionism had portrayed the communist movement in the twentieth century as the evil that threatened the safety and security of the world, despite the fact that the latter did not launch a war of aggression beyond its borders of the communist world, and was the largest victim of World War II; the war that was the product of the conflict within the capitalist system, between national capitalism and Zionist capitalism, and which ended with the victory of the latter. And so the minds of the peoples of the world were poisoned by the giant media and Hollywood movies which had strong influence in creating a grim picture of the communists who were made to be bent on dominating and ruining the world. It achieved great success such that we find that the Arabs hate the Russians and are wary of them, while they don’t have any problem with their killers, the Americans and the British and the French, who have ruined the Arab world and killed its people for a century.
But the reality of how the West (and I use the term metaphorically to mean every land and state to the west of Vienna, as described by Metternich) stands regarding Russia is much deeper than that and is not a result of its communist regime. The history of Europe before communism in Russia reveals the truth of European apprehension towards Russia, and Napoleon’s devastating campaign against it is the biggest proof of that. Russia was not communist then. It did not have common borders with France, nor did it pose a direct threat to it. But the apprehension of any rise of Russia is real and embedded deep in the European conscience for reasons that may sometimes seem metaphysical! I do not pretend to understand them.
Thus, no soon had Russia regained its breath after the fall of the communist regime, something that was advantageous to Europe because nuclear Russia should not be left in chaos, than Zionist capitalism hastened to develop plans to contain Russia again as it did in all times before communism and during it, contributing in pitting people surrounding Russia against it.
But most important than all this is the fact that Zionist capitalism succeeded in installing its Russian agents of which it has an abundance, in places of power in the Russian political and economic system, creating a pressure force throughout the past decade in order to facilitate the process of swallowing Russia by Zionist capitalism instead of letting it establish a capitalist system independent of that hegemony. The pro-Zionist ‘fifth column’ seems to have succeeded on numerous occasions.
But its rapid success may be the cause of its coming failure.
This is because there is a difference between inciting the Polish people for known historical and modern reasons, and it may be easy to incite the people of Latvia, for example. But it is different when the European embargo reaches Belarus and the Ukraine. What I am writing now concerns the Ukraine because it is the main subject of talk of the hour and the cause of the revival of the Cold War.
It is imperative that the reader knows the history of the Ukraine in order to understand its importance to the existence of Russia. For even though the Ukraine constitutes the root of the Russian peoples and the origin of the language that evolved in Kiev when Moscow wasn’t yet in existence, and even though a lot of the heritage and literature originated in the land which is now the Ukraine, geographical Ukraine was not an independent state but was ruled by a series of peoples and states. The Ukraine only became a state in the new Soviet Union, and even then its geographical boundaries were not those that define the State of Ukraine today. Until the thirties of the last century, Western Ukraine was not part of it, nor did its people live in accord with the people of Eastern Ukraine, who were pro-Russia and speaking the Russian language. The people of Western Ukraine, who started the recent sedition, have a national sense of belonging to a dream homeland called “the Ukraine” although that was not widely known or clearly defined. But most nationalist aspirations start like that. The people of Crimea are mostly Russians and were part of Russia from 1782 to 1954. Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union, who himself was Ukrainian, decided in 1954 to annex Crimea to the Ukraine. The people did not object to the annexation because the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and there was no cause for complaint. But things changed with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of the Ukraine. The Crimean people found themselves, without their choice, part of the Ukraine isolated from Russia, which they considered mother and origin.
This historical overview is a must in order for the reader to understand what the Ukraine means to the Russian people and to the Russians in the Ukraine. Ukraine’s Russians do not want to live under a rule based on Ukrainian nationalism, which discriminates against Russians. The people of Crimea seem to want nothing less than to return to Russia as they were before 1954.. And the people of Western Ukraine want nothing less than to join the West.


Russia understands that what is happening in the Ukraine is not only the aspiration of the people of the state to join a system or other state. The leaders of Russia today understand that the attack on the Ukraine aims to contain Russia in its own backyard.. That is because simply talking of the Ukraine as part of NATO constitutes an aggression greater than that deemed by the US in 1961 when the Soviet Union positioned missiles in Cuba. The Ukraine is not merely a geographical plot surrounding the Russians, but part of the history and heritage of the Russian people and it cannot be allowed to encroach on historical facts. Putin and those around him cannot neglect this fact and any indulgence in this issue would mean the end of their political plan to rule Russia. This means that the “West” made a mistake in understanding what the Ukraine means, and its game of moving the Patriots in the Ukraine was a grave mistake. Putin cannot but respond to the request of the Russians in the Crimea and the rest of the Ukraine to intervene in one way or another.

Nor can Putin postpone the annexation of Crimea to Russia, as its people demanded after expressing their opinion in the referendum. He can call on the West to discuss the future of the Ukraine in order to try to reach an agreement to arrange affairs in the whole of the Ukraine. But he cannot remain a spectator if Russians in the Ukraine are attacked no more can the British Government remain a spectator if the Protestants were attacked in Northern Ireland by the IRA. And whatever happens, these facts confirm the opening of the gates of the new Cold War between Russia and the “West”.
Where are we in this ?

Any cold war between Russia and the West benefits us without doubt. Is it possible for us to contribute to its deepening to achieve greater benefit? There is no doubt that the Arab nationalist movement is capable of giving political and moral support to Russia’s position on this attack and put their weight fully behind the Russian people, delivering the clear message to the Russians that the truthful Arabs stand with them in this confrontation. This position may not be of great value, but it will strengthen in the mind of the Russian citizen the meaning of an ally and where he is. It will also move the Russian street to put pressure on Putin’s government to reduce the influence of the Zionist clique in the Russian regime, which is crippling Russian support for the national battle in Syria and the Palestinian cause, which is being driven today to complete surrender.
It is also possible for us to make use of the coming confrontation of the Cold War by ensuring that there will not be any direct and blatant interventions as occurred in Iraq in 2003. If nothing else is achieved, this alone is a long-awaited breather!

But there is something more important that Arabs can contribute to in order to support Russia and thus serve their Nationalist plan. Russia, as I have previously written, is a hostage of the Zionist capitalist system, and has sought for some time to be accepted in the club of major capitalist states, offering major concessions towards that end. Today, it will be blackmailed through this door. The reality is that this restricts its freedom of movement. Russia should calculate every step it takes, because it is not independent in the full sense as long as the financial balance in the world is subject to the dollar, which is controlled by private Zionist capitalist banks operating as they like!

The Arab nationalist movement is invited today, more than any other period, to work to support the creation of an alternative financial system to the US dollar. It was said in 2003 that one of the reasons for accelerating the invasion of Iraq was Baghdad’s decision to stop dealing in oil dollars. Syria today should stop dealing in dollars and put an end to the farce of selling the US dollar in the market as an alternative currency, or rather an original one. It should also refuse to accept the dollar as an intermediary for its trade exchange. Not that this would be enough, but Syria and Arab nationalists who are with it should pursue the matter with other countries to end this restriction. The BRICS countries need to strengthen their financial independence. It may also enhance Russia’s position in the coming Cold War if other countries are encouraged to enter into this plan. Isn’t it time for Syria to join now? Isn’t it time for Syria to participate with Iran in breaking the dollar control, which would enable Russia to be free of it and stand with those who stood with it in the coming cold war?

It is also the duty of Arab nationalists today to awaken good Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf to make them understand that linking their currencies to the dollar harms them and their future and the future of their children, because the dollar is suitable for Zionist capitalism., But the Arabs who link their economy entirely to this currency do not have the ability to influence it. If the dollar were to fall tomorrow, the capitalist economy can survive on its industry and its productive base, while the economy of the Arab Gulf and the Peninsula lives on dollar bonds that may not be worth the price of the paper on which they are printed. Arab nationalists can influence the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf to get out from under the control of the dollar. All of that will be in the service of the Arab Nationalism and a victory for the New Cold War.

Welcome, to the New Cold War!


Abdul Haq al-Ani

March 18, 2014


Translated to English by

Tarik Al-Ani

March 21, 2014

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  1. Lyubomir

    Another brilliant text from Mr. Abdul-Haq! What happened in Ukraine was another attempt of coloured “revolution”, which was orchestrated by the West and was supposed to be executed by “local patriots” (in Serbia they were OTPOR, in Ukraine they are maybe BANDERAS). And that was to be a repetition of what was done to Yugoslavia, Serbia, Libya, Egypt… Also, Russia was to be blamed for what they did with Crimea! But, “West” underestimated Mr. Putin and has proven that they are just a bunch of poorly performing US puppets. Their double standards are obvious and they are evident and easily found – if we just rewind the film only back to 1975, when France has stolen an island of Mayotte from Comoros, although UN and African Union did not recognise their “referendum” which votes were RECOUNTED because of the insisting by France as they were not happy with the results! “It was on these grounds that the island of Mayotte remained within France as a colonial territory and was later made part of the French Republic. What was it, annexation or self-determination, I don’t know. The UN and the African Union did not recognize that decision by France, but the EU is quite happily living with it” – if I can quote Mr. Lavrov… We Serbs have suffered the same imperialistic behavior and even re-writing of history. When a set-up at Racak, a small village in Kosovo and Metohia [it is WRONG to call that part of Serbia “Kosovo” – its name is Kosovo i Metohia (KiM), where “i” is meaning “and” in Serbian] was made as a cause for NATO intervention, there was no UN resolution approving the bombing, but NATO went ahead by forming the “Coalition of the Willing” (as later repeated in Iraq ad freely all over the world) and bombed a sovereign state that has not attacked anyone! Also nowadays, when we are nearing 100 years from the start of World War 1 (28 June 1914 when Fr. Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo while visiting Bosnia and Hercegovina as a commander of the military maneuvers organised in OCCUPIED AND ANEXED BOSNIA, whch was a provocation as it is the SAME date when Serbs lost the Battle of Kosovo against the Ottomans in 1389), “West” is trying to put a blame on Serbia for starting and causing the WW1! As if it is completely forgotten that Germany was paying war damages to the Allies (INCLUDING to Serbia) – not only because they LOST WW1 – BUT BECAUSE THEY CAUSED IT! It is a surprise to see nowadays some Arab states supporting USA and “West”, the secession of KiM from Serbia and destruction of Yugoslavia – as if forgetting that Yugoslavia (Serbia was a successor of it) was their friend for many decades in Non-aligned Movement and a very strong supporter of all the Arab states in their struggle against Zionists regime. Hope that my comment will inspire Mr. Abdul-Haq to give us another text which shreds light to the situation in Arab world and their status as they are and how they become what they are now.

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